Iomega 31310 Zip 250 MB USB-Powered Drive

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Iomega 31310 Zip 250 MB USB-Powered Drive

Product Description

Storage ZIP 250MB USB External Review

Nothing beats a Zip drive for transporting large files or making backups, as it combines proven speed and reliability with the most widespread compatibility. In our tests, we found that this extremely versatile 250 MB USB-powered Zip drive makes it child's play to add this capability to your PC or Mac. And its small, lightweight design makes an excellent travel companion, especially since it doesn't even need batteries or an external power source.
The drive comes with detailed, easy-to-follow installation instructions, but you probably won't even need them. Just run the setup program and plug the drive into your USB port; your PC will automatically assign a drive letter to it and recognize it as a removable disk drive. There aren't any jumpers or switches to set; in fact, the drive has only one button, which ejects the disk. Once it's installed, you use it just like a floppy drive to save or copy files.
Physically, the drive sports a very thin, light plastic case, measuring 169 by 117 by 26 millimeters and weighing only 1.5 pounds. It draws all its power from the USB port, so there's no need for batteries or an external power supply. And, like any USB device, it's hot swappable: you can plug or unplug it without restarting your computer. It can sit flat on a table or stand upright with the included plastic stand.
Once we started playing with the USB-powered Zip 250, we immediately saw many situations in which it would come in handy. For example, say you wanted to do some work at home. You could easily copy the files to a Zip disk, take the drive home with you, and then just plug it into your PC and be ready to go. Since it's compatible with both PC and Macs, it's perfect for sharing files across operating systems. And of course, its compact shape makes it ideal for taking on the road.
The drive performed well in both our read and write testing; we didn't encounter any glitches, and it took just a little over 2 minutes to copy 100 MB of MP3 files to the drive. That's fast enough for most uses, and much faster than a Zip drive hooked up to a standard parallel or serial port, but not as fast as an internal IDE or SCSI Zip drive.
Iomega includes some valuable backup utilities with the Zip drive, as well as some other useful applications. Iomega Backup lets you create and schedule compressed backups of specific folders or entire drives. MusicMatch Jukebox is an excellent utility for ripping CDs and organizing your digital music files. And Adobe's ActiveShare offers a slick interface for manipulating photos and sharing them on the Web.
The USB-powered 250 MB Zip drive offers an inexpensive and simple way to add removable storage to your PC or Mac. Its slim, light design makes it absolutely invaluable for road warriors who needs to take their data with them. --Ken Feinstein
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Very simple installation
  • Works with PCs and Macs
  • Gets all its power from the USB port
  • Not as fast as internal drives Product Description

Now it's even easier to take your Zip drive around town. With its USB cable, which provides both data and power, the Zip 250 MB USB-powered drive does not need an external power source. Not only is the new Zip 250 MB USB-powered drive the most portable storage solution out there, but it's also great-looking and easy to carry. At only nine ounces, you can take it anywhere and everywhere. And, the sleek new design will have you showing it off to all your jealous friends. Powered by a USB cable, it's easy to connect (just plug it in) and easy to launch (no rebooting). The new 250 Zip Drive is compatible with most major operating systems and all Zip 100 MB and 250 MB Zip disks.

  • Powered through your computer's USB connection
  • One 250 MB Zip disk (not included) holds the equivalent of 170 floppy disks
  • Data transfer rate of 0.9 MB/sec
  • Uses either 250 MB or 100 MB Zip disks
  • PC and Mac compatible

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